Slip-sliding away?
9th January 2010
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Having driven  in Jersey for more years than I care to remember I have, once in a while, had to cope with driving on snow and ice . What's unusual this year is that it looks as though we will have over a week of snow showers and icy mornings so it will be necessary for us all to do our best to negotiate the narrow Jersey roads without coming to grief.  

I the following tips for handling vehicles in the snow and ice will be of interest. 

  • Make sure all windows, roof and lights are cleared of any ice and snow before setting off - you need to see properly and others need to see you!
  • Make sure your washer bottle has fluid in it with antifreeze.
  • Use second gear to move off in slippery conditions, sometimes third will be needed and ease the clutch gently to move off smoothly.
  • Keep good distance from the car in front especially on hills and bends and on the approach to junctions.
  • Be aware that bridges, painted road markings and metal drain covers will be more slippery than he rest of the road.
  • If you get stuck in snow or on ice try putting a piece of clothing or car mat under the stuck wheel to allow it to grip.

Finally always remember

  • The stopping distance in snow and ice is ten times that of a good dry road!
  • Jersey granite walls are a lot tougher than your car, so do try and avoid crashing into one by following the above advice.

If anyone has any other suggestions for safe winter driving or funny stories re recent travel in the snow please let me know.


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