Are you worried about visiting the dentist?
30th July 2013
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I have been going to Dr.Bob Pengali at @Smile for about 3 years now and he has really helped me get my teeth and gums healthy again. When I first went to see him it had been a few years since I had been to a dentist and, to be honest, my teeth were not in great shape but he was recommended to me and I have never regretted my decision to be brave and make that fist appointment.

I think that, for most people, it is the anticipation of pain that makes a visit to the dentist difficult. However these days pain does not have to be a factor, and even though I had some quite invasive work done, including the dreaded root canal fillings, I can honestly say that I never experienced pain, some discomfort possibly but

I guess that cost is another reason put off going to the dentist, however there is no doubt that it will cost less in the long run if you have regular check-ups so that any problems can be identified early and sorted without the need to spend too much. If you allow problems to develop and put off going to the dentist the end costs could be significant.

This morning I visited Bob for a check-up and I was genuinely thrilled to be told that my teeth and gums were looking in pretty good shape and the work with I had been doing at home with my dental hygiene was paying off and that I needed no work other than a quick clean and polish. Result!!

So, as someone who really did not like to visit the dentist, my message is: don't be a wimp, think of your teeth and book in for a check-up with your dentist today.

If you do not have a dentist or are thinking of a change that I suggest that your contact either:

@Smile (who are my dentists) who are based in town, opposite the Opera House. Click here for details.


Dental Excellence, who are based at Quennevais, in the precinct so parking is never a problem. Click here for details.

Both these excellent dental practices are highly recommended by their patients.

If you have any feed back on local dentists or your experiences with dentists please let me know.

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