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Paul Butt is the friendly face of PMB Decorators Ltd


Paul and his team at PMB Decorators Ltd are proud to provide a first class and affordable painting, wallpapering and decorating services to both private and commercial customers in Jersey. If you are looking for dedicated and professional decorators to transform your home or office then look no further. 

Paul is a long time Jersey resident and has been painting and decorating island homes and offices since 1979. Paul and the team at PMB are all time served painters and decorators who have the skills needed to assist with any local project, large or small.

Whether you want to totally transform your home or just need a reliable person to revitalise and decorate a tired looking commercial property, with PMB Decorators, you are guaranteed top quality workmanship, a friendly face and good, honest advice about how to make the most out of your home or property.

Home and Commercial Decorating  

PMB Decorators are happy to take on both small and large jobs that could involve just painting or also wallpapering if required. 

PMB Decorators will deal with both your internal and external painting and decorating needs. 

Paul’s Jersey customers can be assured that he and his team take pride in decorating a room that totally complements its surroundings, taking into account the age and style of the property, any original features and the individual needs of the customer. 

Paul is also happy to offer advice on the best paints, wallpapers, colours and styles to use to make the most out of your Jersey home. Paul’s long experience as a decorator puts him in a great position to provide valuable decorating advice. Most importantly you won’t have to worry that your property will look like a warzone while Paul or one of the team decorates – he will tidy up after himself each evening, minimising both stress and mess!

As you would expect PMB Decorators are fully insured, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you and your property are totally protected while they are decorating. 

Another major plus is that Paul only takes on work that he can comfortably cope with, once he starts a job he works at it until complete, Paul will not start your job and then disappear for a day or more to work on another job. 

Finally a word about costs, Paul is aware that this is an important issue and will always aim to provide a competitive quotation for jobs and to keep the customer informed if for any reason additional costs are likely to be incurred.

So if you would like to decorate a room or property and you’re looking for a professional, look no further than your local Jersey recommended decorators PMB Decorators Ltd.

 For more information or to arrange a free, no-obligation decorating consultation, please call Paul on 07797 716522 

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