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Creators of Fine Beard Oils and Balms with a Jersey Vibe

Are you looking for premium beard care oils and balms?

Do you want to discover new cosmetic-grade beard products made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients?

Check out this locally-made and island-inspired Jersey brand.

One day, two bearded friends started talking about the beard products currently on the market and debating their merits. It was soon concluded that while each one had its good points and bad points, none of these quite fitted the bill, something was missing. 

This is where the MADD Beard Co.’s story began, and why they came to be the creators of premium beard care products locally made from the finest natural, cosmetic-grade ingredients, that are also vegan friendly.

Local bearded folk, Marc and Add, found a gap in the market when searching for quality, natural-ingredient, premium beard oils and balms that they would be happy to use.

“Being bearded men ourselves, we’re passionate about beard care products and only create products that we’d be happy to use.”

So, they embarked on a journey of research and development which led to the creation of their signature scented beard oil, Driftwood. Inspired by the driftwood washed up on Jersey’s beautiful beaches, the subtle wooded scent has a slight sweetness to it, but doesn't overpower.


“Add and I have been friends for a few years… Both of us already had beards and one day we got talking about what products we used, rather the good and the bad of the products we use. After a moment of silence and deep thought, we jokingly said that we could try to make our own oils…. Fast forward a month and we’d created our first oil that we felt suited our needs with regards to scent and feel etc. We decided to let some of our friends try it to see what they thought, and it was this move that led us to start up a business, this is where MADD Beard Co was born (MADD being the first 2 letters of our names Marc & Add)”

Their products use original recipes, and a unique blend of 100% Natural Oils and Essential Oils, which are also Vegan friendly. The oil is fast-absorbing, light and non-greasy, and coats beard hairs and naturally softens them without the use of heavy pomades.

MADD Beard Co. product range includes island-inspired names:

Granite – The bedrock of Jersey but also used widely across the island in buildings and monuments.

Driftwood – The aged and weathered wood that can be found on Jersey’s long sandy beaches.

Quality and consistency are of the utmost importance at MADD Beard Co. so they manufacture in small batches to guarantee the highest quality premium product and best possible beard experience.

With a considered and sustainable approach, MADD Beard Co. are committed to producing all-natural premium oils and balms, which are packaged in reusable or recyclable containers, and are also vegan friendly.

 Shop the full MADD Beard Co. product range online, and follow on Facebook and Instagram for Marc’s Tuesday Tips and Add's Friday Facts! Plus, many beard care tips from these experts. Please mention thebestof Jersey when you contact MADD Beard Co. 

Photo credits: Photographs of Founders, Marc and Add, were taken by Matt Porteous.

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