Argus Metals Week 2018
  • The Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Aldwych, London, United Kingdom
    WC2B 4DD
  • Tuesday 27th February, 9:00am - Until Friday 2nd March, 6:00pm
Argus Metals Week 2018 sees the return of the popular Battery Conference, a brand new SnWTa Summit and our flagship NiCoMo event take the stage at the Waldorf Hilton in London, UK.

Now in its tenth year, Argus Metals Week aims to bring insights and clarity to the metals markets over four days of dedicated presentations, discussions and networking. The event is aimed at professionals from the global battery, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, chrome, tungsten, tin and tantalum supply chains.

- NiCoMo (1-2 March) returns with a spotlight on production and manufacturing in steel and stainless steel, catalysts and alloys, as well as pricing and sourcing subject areas.

- A new SnWTa Summit (27 - 28 February), centring on Tin, Tungsten and Tantalum. The programme will explore each metal by sourcing, supply and pricing challenges. The metals will then be united with sessions dedicated to applications, recycling and scrap, and conflict free sourcing.

- Back by popular demand, last year’s new Battery Conference (27 - 28 February) will be extended to two days. The agenda will be dominated by hot topics, such as energy storage, LiPF6, lithium-titanate and Redox batteries in relation to lithium-ion and lead acid. The agenda will also have more sessions on electric vehicles, consumer applications and recycling.

Whether you choose to attend one event or the entire week, networking will be a key focus for 2018, with plenty of opportunities to meet other delegates at the metals networking dinner, roundtables, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, live polling, evening drinks receptions and extended coffee and lunch breaks.


Battery Conference / SnWTa Summit (Early Bird)1 USD 1449
Battery Conference / SnWTa Summit (Early Bird)2 EUR 1349
Battery Conference / SnWTa Summit (Early Bird)3 GBP 1099
NiCoMo (Early Bird)4 USD 1649
NiCoMo (Early Bird)5 EUR 1499
NiCoMo (Early Bird)6 GBP 1249
NiCoMo + Battery OR SnWTA7 USD 2449
NiCoMo + Battery OR SnWTA8 EUR 2249
NiCoMo + Battery OR SnWTA9 GBP 1849

Speakers: Terry Perles, Mark Seddon, Cassie Yen, Christopher Reed, Marco Romero, Hakim Faqir, Nicole Willing, Michael Dornhofer, Dominic Heaton, Michael Masterman, Fedor Mironenko, Denis Gorbachev, Polina Sparks, Andrew O'Donovan, Per-Olof Loof, Richard Lucas, Albert Hayoun, Cristian Cretu, Stephen Nicol, Lawrence Heim, Keith Jones, Johann Jacobs, Kay Nimmo, P. S Mony, Burghard Zeiler, Roland Chavasse, Barbara Buck, Reiner Haus, Nigel Tunna, Carl Landuydt, William Reid, Anand Gupta, Michael Lillja, David Weight, Eelco Vogt, Catherine Girard, Stephane Chorlet, Claes Lundman, Anthony Milewski, Tony Southgate, Damian Brousse, Gordon Buchanan, Edward Lauer, John Eastwood, Fabio Maggiore, Nigel Clarke, Denis Sharypin, Michael Insulan, Philippe Richard, Intissa Benzakour

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