Top 3 New Islington Restaurants
12th February 2013
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So anyone familiar with the restaurant scene in Angel and Islington will know one thing, things don’t stay too familiar for that long. In order to at least make an attempt to keep you up to date with some of the comings and goings over the last 6ish months I’ve decided to pick my top 3 new restaurants in the area. They are in no particular and I’m keeping within the Angel Islington area to make it easier to pick.


Fist up to have a look at is Hundred Crows Rising. This use to be The Compass on Penton Road which has been taken over by the people from The Elk in The Woods on Camden Passage. The place has been redone in the traditional gastro pub style with lots of wood and open space which is a vast improvement on The Compass (although I’m sure the old regulars will not agree with me). You may say that Islington has enough gastro pubs/restaurants but this is a real improvement on what it replaced. The food is of very good standard although not the cheapest around the area but certainly one of the better. Certainly worth a visit


The Mahal Restaurant has replaced the Sabor on Essex Road. The Sabor itself was a really great restaurant and it was a shame that it didn’t last. However in its place is a very fine Indian Restaurant. The staff are very friendly and really make you feel welcome. The food is excellent and this place will even give Roots at N1 a run for its money as the best Indian Restaurant in Islington, I just hope it doesn’t go the same way as Sabor did.


Finally you have John Salt in the space where the Keston Lodge used to be. I was never really a fan of The Keston Lodge so a replacement is a good thing in my eyes. The John Salt is going to divide opinion between people but I liked it. I haven’t been there on a Saturday night so you might want to read some reviews before you go to book as it seems it might get busy but then that’s a good sign isn’t it? I liked the food (had a roast chicken there on a Sunday) and found the service good and attentive and for something new in the area I think it’s a very good addition to the Islington restaurant scene


So there are my choices for the best 3 new Islington restaurants. Feel free to correct me or tell me off if you don’t agree.


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