The Best Cinema in Islington
30th November 2011
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What is your favourite cinema in Islington? 


For a london borough there aren't a huge amount of choices for a night at the cinema in Islington.


However while there is a lack in numbers of cinemas there is still a very good variety to choose from.


For you main stream cinemas you have a choice of Vue in the N1 centre and Odean on Holloway road. Neither of these are going to offer anything out of the ordinary for cinema goers. They'll have a decent range of mainstream films in the kind of set up you would expect from the 2 biggest chains of cinema theatres. Not going to set the world on fire but you know what you'll get.


At the other end of the scale you'll get the Barbican cinema. Much nicer experience for a visit to the cinema. However they tend to only show classic cinema that's not going to be to everybodys taste. 


My personal favourite in the Screen on the Green. There is enough of a mix of films to give you a reason to go. While they won't have every major film they try to give  a mix of classic, indie and mainstream films in their schedule. However the biggest selling point of this cinema is the experience. large and spacious 2 seater sofas and table service to bring you drinks and snacks during the film. All in all a superior way to watch a movie without the additional cost.


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