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11th December 2012
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Getting a Secret Santa present can be pone of the best presents you get to buy over Christmas. Mainly because it's usually just a bit of fun and it can normally be a little rude depending on the occasion.


I've had a lot of fun over the years getting secret Santa presents for colleagues at the offices I worked at. Luckily there was no problem with getting rude or even a little distasteful presents and that was the culture of the office. In fact there was one person who every year would buy a gay porn movie and give it to colleagues.


My suggestions won't be that bad and I'll keep it in good taste this time! Most presents are under £10 and can be fun for the office or Christmas party.


First up is a very non offensive bendy Morph Desk Buddy for 

or how about a self stirring mug! That's right the perfect present for some one too lazy to stir their own mug 


I got a pair of these last Christmas and they are probably the only secret Santas present that I used and still use. Gloves that work with your touchscreen phone. Perfect for the cold weather 


Well there are some nice and clean ideas if your party is a tame affair. If you want something a little more risque you could go for the fanny and face soap 


or you could get a mankini which never goes out of fashion! 


There are some great independent gifts shops in Islington who where you can get that perfect gift at short notice.



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