Review of Vue Islington and Screen on the Green
2nd March 2013
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The weather a bit better out there but not quiet good enough for outdoor activity around Islington so I thought I'd give you my experiences of using the cinemas around Islington. Unfortunately I’ve actually never used the odeon in Holloway so it’s actually just going to be on the 2 Cinemas in Agnel, Vue and Screen on the Green.


First Up the Vue Cinema Islington. The last film I went to see here was Looper which I was really looking forward to but actually turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, still a good film but not as good as I was hoping. Still not the Vues fault. This cinema in the N1 Centre just a short walk from Angel Tube Station is a very good cinema. I was very impressed with the room and seating. In fact I think a lot of cinemas around London have had to up their game a lot since the everyman group has started to grow. No longer is it acceptable to have cramped space where your knees are pressed up against the seat in front. I’m 6’1 and for a long time I avoided going to the cinema mainly for this reason. Anyway back to the cinema. The venue is great the leg room is excellent the chairs are very comfortable although I did go for the VIP seats. All in all I very good experience but try and avoid buying anything inside as the prices are to put it politely a little on the high side.


Next up is Screen on The Green Islignton. So this cinema was taken over by the Everyman Group a while back which is no bad thing in my book. For a long time I would only go to their cinemas as leg room was terrible everywhere else. So they did the whole everyman makeover and now you can enjoy a drink and get yourself a sofa to really relax in as you watch an indie film. This for me can be the only slight problem with Everyman, often you may want to go to the cinema and find that there’s just nothing on that you want to watch. But then again that is also the charm of the place finding that unusual film that you don’t always get in the main stream cinemas. The last film I saw there was Killing Them Softly which was good but a little too much dialog for the sake of dialog trying to be cool but not quiet managing it.


Anyway Islington there is my short review of the Islington cinemas that I’ve been to. Have a look here for more things to do around Islington

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