New Year cold in Islington
7th February 2012
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So the cold snap has almost passed and it seems that we have escaped the worst of it this year. 


A small amount of snow fell on Saturday and now is nearly completely gone apart from some slush which in my opinion is much worse and harder to walk on. It's still going to be cold for the rest of the week but looks like there won't be anymore snow. And surprisingly public services seemed to cope well although there has been a few years of this now so coping shouldn't be too hard. Anyway it seems pointless to invest in lots of snow clearing and de gritting equipment for 1 week a year when there are much more pressing concerns in these times. I did feel sorry for the poor woman who was left by Islington council without heat for 16 days in the freezing cold in their council house


What some people may be struggling with now is boiler problems. I've heard so many stories of peoples boilers breaking in the cold weather I can't even remember the number now. if you do have a boiler problem there is a very good local plumber called No Limit Plumbing that will give you a 15% discount on all work if you mention The Best of Islington when you call them. I've used them twice myself and would highly recommend their work

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