Kings Cross development rises from a wasteland
9th December 2011
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So the new Kings Cross development seems to be going along at a decent pace. I haven't walked down york way and behind Kings Cross in some time mainly because there's nothing much there apart from a large expanse of what from the outside looks simply like a continual building site.

This time I noticed two very large and imposing buildings going up at what seems like a frenetic rate. A bit curious as to why they were building what essentially looked like two residential blocks overlooking train tracks and wasteland I decided to investigate a little more.

Have read about what they are planning there in the way of homes, apartments, a university (which is already there I'm told) there's going to be markets, lots of retail space and a new primary school.

It looks like it will look really good when it's finished and hopefully will finally clear up the area and make Kings Cross a more desirable place to go and maybe even a destination on it's own rather than a transit point.

I know a lot of work has went in already to clean up the area and get rid of the more undesirable aspects of Kings Cross but there is still a lot that needs to be done to turn the area around fully. Much was made of the idea that the eurostar terminal at Waterloo would transform the area but this never really happened to the degree people thought. Lets hope that it really does work for an area that was even more run down and with bigger social problems.


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