Jonathan Edwards talks about why he would be good for Islington Council
19th April 2012
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I have also now heard back from Jonathan Edwards of the Conservatives and the reasons why he thinks he would be a good addition to Islington council.



My name is Jonathan Edwards and I believe I am the fresh, innovative and engaging choice for Holloway in the upcoming By-Election.

I have outlined four key, local priorities that I would look to tackle and feel that I am the Candidate with modern and creative solutions to make real change in Holloway and Islington.


The four priorities are;

1. Promotion of Local Business

2. Youth, Education & Unemployment

3. Housing & Parking

4. Transparency

I genuinely want to see real positive change made in our area and I do not intend to take your vote for granted. To tackle the priorities above


  • Create an Islington business exposition and online network
  • Encourage local businesses to provide local apprenticeships to local students/residents.
  •  Conduct a thorough, open and fair review of residential, business and cycle parking.
  • Stop council waste, spin and the problems that came with the Homes for Islington service.


If elected I won’t pretend to be able to solve every problem but I do promise to do my very best to tackle the issues that matter most and I will not allow Labour councillors to continue to steamroll policies with no accountability.

My intention throughout has been to be the most accessible candidate and I urge all of the people in the local area to get in touch so I can start fighting for the things that matter most.

Facebook: ElectJ_Edwards




Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Edwards


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