Is Islington high street turning into another shopping centre!
1st November 2011
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Islington seems to be slowly but surely losing all the independent shops that make it uniq. Walking down Upper Street today I noticed 4 or 5 empty shops that no more than a month or so ago had small independent retailers.


On investigating this a bit more by speaking to some of the remaining shop owners it seems that not only have business rates gone through the roof over the last few years but also that companies such as Tescos are adding to their property portfolio in Islington and increasing the rates to unsustainable levels for many small businees owners. 


It would be a sad day if the only shops that get left in Islington are chains that you can find on any high street in the country. 


The best way to stop this is to try and buy more from local independent retailers. This way we can ensure they stay in the area and are not forced off to other parts of london like many have already done or are thinking of.


Maybe start a campagin to our local MP's ( Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry, Labour) to lobby for a freezing of business rates for independent retailers. 


I for one don't want to see Upper Street as just a smaller version of Oxford Street!

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