Fun in The Snow
18th January 2013
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As I site here writing this blog the snow is starting to come down fairly heavy outside and as a person you really enjoys the snow I'm getting very excited! In fact it's making me think of my skiing holiday which I booked during the week and can't wait for!

Anyway for those of you with kids or big kids like me it's always a good time to have some fun as it looks with it's going to be a wintery weekend with plenty of snow on the ground. So here are a few things to keep you and them occupied.

Unfortunately Islington has a real lack of open spaces and you'll need to get out early to make a snowman in the parks around the borough. Also the lack of parks means that there are no real hills that you can use to have a good sledge down. My advice is to head over to parliament hill where you I'm sure there'll be crowds of people bombing down on everything from expensive sledges to black plastic bags. It's always a great laugh.

Aside from building a snowman to keep the young ones occupied you can catch snowflakes and examine them under a microscope or magnifying glass. Just place a black sheet of paper in the freezer for a while take it outside and collect some snow flakes and have a look at them under the magnifying glass.

For those of you that don't want to be out side have a  look at what's on this weekend around Islington here or you might just want to go for a drink in a nice warm pub of which you've got a great choice around the area. Here are a couple of good ones


Enjoy the snow!

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