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12th April 2013
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When   The Basement Dance Studio  receives an inquiry about dance  classes there is  one  burning question that rarely fails to be asked; "How old are the people who come to the club?".

Behind this question lies the assumption  that dance is considered to be an activity for the young.  There is a deep concern that upon  attendance you may be faced with the humiliation of being the oldest swinger in town. But this concern is justified. In most instances,  the image of  adult dance is  represented by the the desperate wannabes  that seem to dominate commercial television, professional dance theatre  or the head spinning breakers that epitomise youth dance. It is no wonder that a certain amount of anxiety erupts simply contemplating signing up for a dance class.

But some of us are aware there is a whole community of dancers who fit into none of the categories above; the adult dance student  For this group the dance class represents a momentary departure from the challenges of London living. Dance  offers a reprieve from the responsibilities we reluctantly  shoulder  to keep our heads above water. Dance gives the adult  something to look forward to after a day at the office. Dance promises  something do at the weekend.

At The Basement Dance  Studio, we celebrate the diversity (oops unintentional reference to a celebrity dance crew). Enthusiastic adults are attending classes on a regular basis. The youngest is two and half years old, attending our new Toddlers and Tutus course. The  oldest participant, I daren't hazard a guess, but I think she is close to seventy. She arrives at the studio imbued with a flamboyant sense of abandon that  adds a little eccentricity to her weekly class. From ballet to breakdance,  ordinary adults are doing it all at BDS!

But it does not end there. For those who dare,  studio performances provide the perfect environment to fully express their artistic development and realise their performance goals. These events are characterised by top level choreography and  the best dancers in the studio perform. From time to time someone will excel in our studio  and be re-routed into the professional sphere. We wish them all the best.

So if you are contemplating taking up a dance course look us up. BDS provides a great range of adult dance classes; all designed to make you feel at home

Judy John-Baptiste

Dance studio performance
28 April 7pm

The Basement Dance Studio
400 York Way
N7 9LR

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