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22nd October 2012
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As I’m sure any of you keen caffeine addicts will know there are no shortage of coffee shops in Islington and in fact you can’t swing a cat without hitting one. While it's almost impossible to narrow down here are a few of my choices for some of the best coffee shops in Islington


1. Temptations Café just by Highbury and Islington station is fast gaining a reputation not just for great coffee but for exceptional fresh food. Everything is made on site with fresh ingredients and sourced locally where possible. Give their muffin of the day a try you won’t regret it!


2. Chez Le Boulanger on Upper Street. Another coffee to shop to have joined the Islington neighborhood in the last year or so. Their pastries are amazing and to add a little twist you can even get a glass of wine. The décor is very well done and the staff are very friendly. Everything you want and need from a local coffee shop


3. Maison d’etre. This is a cosy little space on the roundabout by Higbury and Islington Station has a big following for such a small place. The reasons for this are easy to see when you spend some time here. Great coffee and great food in a cosy setting.


There are such a large amount of places to go it’s hard to narrow them down. I've excluded chains but do let me know your thoughts and other suggestions or leave a review here

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