3 Hotels to stay in around Islington
19th March 2013
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Good afternoon Islington. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and Paddy’s Day. I did have a tiny bit of a hangover on Monday morning but nothing too serious. Anyway enough about my drinking habits. I had my brother staying this weekend as we live in Islington a spare room to accomdate visitors is a bit of a problem with the price of flats and houses around Islington. So I thought you might like my tips for the best places to put guests up who come to visit when you don’t have the room.


Your obvious choices around Angel. The Hilton Islington and Jury’s Inn Islington Premier Inn Islington. All of these are very good options and having sampled the food at 2 of them I can say that they’re very good. As well as this all the reviews paint a very nice picture of the hotels and services they offer.


However as this is The Best of Islington I thought I’d give you some of the more hidden gems and different places to stay around Islington. I should let you know as I live in Islington I’ve never stayed in any of these but I have heard some very good things about all of them. So here are 3 choices for a good hotel in Islington


First up is Charlies Hotel in Tufnell Park. A cheap option so relatively basic but in a great area friendly staff clean rooms and a really good option for those on a budget who don’t want to end up in a rundown hotel in Kings Cross.


If there are a group of people staying why not go for a holiday apartment. I’m always a fan of holiday apartments when I go away in a group. It gives you somewhere to base your self and even have a night in if you don’t want to hit the town. A good option again in the Tufnell Park side of Islington is Carena Apartments . They have a few apartments that can cater to most sizes and aways seem to get very good reviews. Also just around the corner from The Tufnell Park Tavern which I’m starting to grow fond of.


The Luxury Inn  off Balls Pond Road offer boutique accommodation for those of you looking for something a little more refined but still not too expensive. A room will start from about £65 per night.


So there are few choices for when you have guests and not enough room.


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