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SchemeServe is based in London and provides marketing support and consultancy to insurance companies worldwide


As a software company operating out of London, SchemeServe is a leading Software-as-a-Service firm that provides marketing consultancy and support to underwriting agencies and insurance companies. Before you write them off as being yet another boring software company, you should reserve your judgment for a few minutes.

SchemeServe are something of an anomaly in what is usually a drab industry. They are a flamboyant team that is not afraid to push the edges of what is the norm in the industry.

Many of their customers refer to them as being the ones in the purple top hats! Their eccentric purple attire draws attention, something which they revel in. This showcases how they are a software company with a sense of humour (something that is rare) and they are relatable.

Even their About Us page is something completely out there - We grow them from embryos to select the best possible levels of fortitude, compassion and Obsessive Support™ …our very own Scheme Tailors™ were born to build awesome insurance solutions…

Their main specialisation comes in the area of providing a comprehensive service for beginning, managing and achieving growth of specialised insurance products.

They opened for business back in 1990 and they have not looked back since.
The main advantages of using the SchemeServe services is that they have a quality speed to market and they tend to do things a bit differently to what you would normally see from similar firms. Customers often remark at the left field thinking that they employ and applaud the outside of the box thinking that they always seem to have.

SchemeServe is committed to helping their customers with a wide range of issues and they will even fight the battles of the underwriter with the regulators if needs be.

This is what one client had to say about their experience:

An underwriter’s dream, I’ve never seen anything like this before. When we started using SchemeServe new worlds of possibility opened up in front of us. An excellent product. - Philip Armstrong Integro Insurance Brokers Ltd

While a lot of similar companies will take 6 months to 18 months in order to get a product to market, SchemeServe generally takes a month or even ten days to do so. A lot of the bigger companies in this field are often inflexible and are not open to the client making changes to products themselves. SchemeServe have a self-support option whereby they can make options themselves if they wish. Their main client base is in the form of MGAs, brokers and insurers.

SchemeServe is an underwriter’s dream as they significantly reduce distribution costs, are slick, highly impressive and ultimately are cost effective.

If you wish to learn more about what SchemeServe offers or you wish to talk with the team about working with them, you can check out the website at SchemeServe, send them an email at or ring them at 01223 850 742.

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