Getting The Right Cycle Carrier For Your Car
16th March 2016
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Cycling is the ‘new’ sport for everyone, in fact cycling has been around for very many years but has found new lease of life, and with it the need to carry bikes to the place that one wants to ride around. There is a whole world of places to go with bikes, from the high street to nearby countryside, from further afield within the United Kingdom to the Continent of Europe that is so accessible thanks to the Channel Tunnel and a flotilla of ferries.

Deciding how to carry one’s bikes is important from an insurance perspective, for safety’s sake, and accessibility point of view. How many bikes have to be carried, how far, on the roof or at the rear of a car, do you have a larger vehicle: a caravan camper say when a different fitting may be required? Planning the bike rack is important, people using a ferry or the Channel may need to advise travel companies about the combined height of the vehicle.

Getting the right Cycle carrying racks.

F S Trailers carry a number brands, perhaps the leading brand in Cycle Carriers is the Thule Swedish range. With typical Swedish design and rugged construction, the Thule cycle carriers are strong and stylish, more importantly they are designed for purpose and easy to use. There is a range of Thule cycle carriers available and the FS Trailers staff are experienced and competent in advising which is most suitable and will advise on price and fitting.

Roof Mounted Bike Carriers, Thule produce a range of four roof mounted cycle carriers, designed to express professionalism and attitude that retains its appearance of strong, stylish and functional quality even when not loaded, when loaded they are effective and efficient, and secure.    

Rear mounted Cycle Carriers.

Due to design constraints it is not always possible to safely mount cycles on the rear of a car. Thule take this very seriously so will only make a rear mount available for a particular vehicle as long as they are totally happy with the fit. By using the Thule Rear Mount Guide or check with FS Trailers staff and you will be able to ascertain which products are recommended for a particular vehicle.

FS Trailers offer an impressive range of items, including roof racks, roof boxes, tow bars supplied and fitted, wheel clamps, and parking sensors.

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