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The Laura Crane Trust in Huddersfield is a charitable organisation dedicated to funding cancer research and supporting young cancer sufferers in hospital.

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The Laura Crane Trust

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The Laura Crane Trust - funding research into cancer in teenagers and young adults in the UK



The Laura Crane Trust in Huddersfield has two main aims:

  • To fund research and improve understanding of the cancers which affect teenagers and young people, and
  • To improve the quality of life for teenage cancer patients during their frequent and debilitating stays in hospital.

It's important that young cancer patients have access to support whilst they are undergoing treatment - and The Laura Crane Trust funds cancer support projects at St James' Hospital in Leeds and Weston Park in Sheffield.

Who is Laura Crane?

Laura Crane lived in Edgerton, Huddersfield and was a 15 year old student of Brighouse High School when she was taken ill. She was diagnosed with a complex mix of four types of cancer, three of them extremely dangerous.

After four months of treatment, she arrived for her first day at Greenhouse College, Huddersfield to study for her 'A' levels. But just 10 weeks later, in December 1995, Laura's illness flared up again, and she had to undergo drastic surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Sadly, Laura lost her fight for life in May 1996, just two weeks after her 17th birthday.

Jacquie, Laura's mum, was determined to set up a charitable organisation in Laura's name help prevent other young people and their families going through what Laura endured.

The aims of the Laura Crane Trust

Never doubt the value of cancer research!

Different types of cancer behave and respond differently in different age groups. When cancer is diagnosed in teen years or young adulthood, it can often strike in dangerous and difficult forms requiring drastic surgery and/or aggressive treatments in an attempt to save life.

Over the years, great progress has been made in cancer research - and The Laura Crane Trust is dedicated to funding cancer research into cancers which strike the 13 - 24 age group.

The Survive and Thrive project is currently examining the physical and psychological effects cancer treatments can have on survivors. The Laura Crane Trust has pledged £144,000 towards this project. To find out how to donate, visit the website.

Support for teenagers and young adults with cancer

Young people with cancer are frequently placed either on adult's or children's wards, each equally inappropriate with no access to recreational facilities or company of their own age.

It's really important that young people in this situation maintain at least some semblance of normality - and so The Laura Crane Trust provides funding for laptops, art materials, games consoles, cooking equipment, personal DVD players, musical instruments, books and other items.

The Trust also has a network of Activity Co-ordinators. These valuable people become friends and confidantes to young people in hospital and organise fun activities to brighten their frequent and debilitating stays on the wards.

The Santa Campaign

Laura spent her last Christmas in hospital, and in recognition of this, The Laura Crane Trust runs The Santa Campaign. Every year, presents are delivered to the 22 hospitals on the mainland that treat young people with cancer, plus one in Belfast and one in Dublin.


Chatworld is based on a chatroom idea - and has been set up to enable young people to share and express feelings of loneliness, frustration and isolation with other young adults in similar situations.

In Chatworld, you create an 'avatar', a 3-D person who moves around and interacts with young patients in a virtual world. It will allow young people with cancer to contact others across the UK and speak freely about their fears and anxieties.

The National Lottery's 'Awards for All' gave a grant of £9,997 to The Laura Crane Trust to create a stable platform for Chatworld. How can you help? Call us on Huddersfield 01484 510013 to find out.


Can you donate to this worthwhile charity? Our number is Huddersfield 01484 510013 and our web address is

You can donate via our website or send a cheque payable to The Laura Crane Trust to PO Box 437, Huddersfield, HD1 9QH.

All donations are gratefully received.

Other ways you can help this Huddersfield based charitable organisation


Our supporters arrange fundraising events which raise vital funds for cancer research and help to support young people with cancer.

If you're thinking of arranging a fundraising event, please email us and we can provide you with publicity materials and give you all the support you need.

Corporate fundraising

We welcome the involvement of local companies in the Huddersfield area. Can you adopt the Trust as your company charity and get your employees fundraising on our behalf?

It's an excellent way to build team spirit and create a positive atmosphere.

Payroll giving is a tax-efficient way to donate to charities directly from your gross pay. It increases the value of a charitable contribution and allows us, as a charitable organisation, to plan ahead.

We can offer advice on how to set up a payroll giving scheme and we're very happy to come to your workplace to talk to your employees about the difference payroll giving can make to a charity such as ours.

All charitable donations can be gift aided. This allows The Laura Crane Trust to reclaim the tax on your donations. For every £1 that you give, we can get an extra 28p from the Inland Revenue.

For more information about The Laura Crane Trust in Huddersfield, call us on 01484 510013 or visit our website.

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Charity registration number: 1058464.
Our patron is Catherine Tate

The best of Huddersfield
Charitable Organisation
The Laura Crane Trust
Huddersfield 01484 510013

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The funds raised from Laura Crane Trust are invested in very important work in research and development for cancer treatment. The fundraising team do a fantastic job.