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Give blood and help to save lives. Become a Blood Donor now.


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National Blood Service

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Do something amazing today......Give Blood and help to save lives


We rely entirely on voluntary contributions – so please visit one of the Huddersfield Centres to make your blood donation.  




Click HERE to find the Blood Donation Centres in the Huddersfield area.


Stocks are low in some blood group types, so please don't leave it to someone else.



About us

We are an integral part of the National Health Service (NHS), and we guarantee to deliver blood, blood components, blood products and tissues from our 15 blood centres to anywhere in England and North Wales.

Every year we collect, test, process, store and issue 2.1 million blood donations. We depend entirely on voluntary donations from the general public, and try to encourage our existing donors to give three times a year. (It's amazing what the promise of a free cup of tea and some biscuits will do...)


What else?


The National Blood Service also has a number of other functions. Such as continually carrying out new research into improving the safety of blood. And new ways it can be used to help save more lives.

We also provide specialist medical advice and clinical support to hospitals, as well as educating and training transfusion medicine specialists. It's a huge undertaking. But we're dedicated to keeping Britain's blood supply moving.

Our core purpose

To save and improve patients' lives.


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For Donation Information on the following, click the link.


Platelet Donation

Bone Marrow Donation

Tissue Donation

Cord Blood Bank

Organ Donation



The Best of Huddersfield

National Blood Service

0300 123 23 23


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