Do’s and Don’ts for Handling Delicate Curtains
29th July 2015
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Other than their decorative function, curtains protect us from the harmful rays of the sun.  They also provide us a sense of privacy by blocking out the external environment. They collect all the dust from outside before these can settle on other furniture inside our homes.

But curtains require certain amount of investment. And just like any item with value, these should be treated properly to maximize their use for the longest time possible. While many curtain manufacturers attach care instructions in the pack, others leave it to the common sense of the buyers.


  1. Follow the care instruction label attached to your curtains. The absence of handling instructions means that your curtain will require professional care.
  2. Although, most delicate curtains can be hand washed or machine washed using the delicate cycle option of your washing machine, consult with the manufacturer or the professionals first. 
  3. Gently shake your curtains every now and then to prevent dust from settling in the delicate fibres.
  4. When curtains appear to look dull or shabby, try tumbling them dry in the dryer under the no-heat option.
  5. For that full-bodied look, dip your curtain in a light starch solution.
  6. For a soft appearance, hang the curtain while damp.  However, when using metal hooks or curtain rods, slip tissue paper between the curtain and the hook or rod until the curtain has totally dried to avoid rusts.
  7. You may also have your glass windows coated with anti-UV tint to further minimise damage from ultra-violet rays.


  1. To avoid the necessity of frequent washing of curtains, do not hang them near cooking or smoking areas to limit their odour absorption.
  2. Do not tumble dry wet or damp curtains. Tumble drying them might create creases that even ironing cannot remove. The best way to dry curtains is to hang them in open space to dry naturally.
  3. But when drying curtains, do not expose the curtains to direct sunlight to protect their colour.
  4. When washing your curtains, don’t mix them with other fabrics or run the risk of having them discoloured from other items in your laundry.
  5. Do not iron delicate curtains.  You will burn the fabric if you can’t control the heat.

It’s always best to consult the professionals if you are unsure about handling delicate curtains.  There are ways and means to make the process more convenient.  You may request your service provider to visit your home and do the cleaning right on the spot. When in London or in nearby areas, call RPC Cleaners on  020 8994 4778. We will be happy to make arrangements that work best for you. 

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