Will Oyster Cards replace tube station ticket offices?
6th September 2010
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Will Oyster Cards replace tube station ticket offices?

More and more travellers using the tube stations in North West London are using Oyster Cards as the more convenient way to travel through the tube stations on their journey.

Because of this preferred use discussions regarding the operating hours of ticket offices are in question.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is currently in discussions to determine the need to cut back the various different offices operating hours.

80% of travellers are using Oyster cards and recent figures have seen offices in Ickenham and Ruislip Gardens for example are amongst the lowest sales taking place in the offices.

Instead it is hoped the staff will be more available to passengers for advice and assistance.

Average sales an hour can be anything from 7 to 27 depending on the station in North west London. No conclusion has been met yet though.


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