Tuition at the forefront
19th January 2010
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 Tuition at the forefront

Joanna Pinewood Education (JPE) provide tuition for both Children and Adults. They have two tuition centres, one in Uxbridge the other in Clapham.

This year, JPE is proud to announce that it received an EU grant for a lifelong learning partnership. JPE is involved with 9 other European Partners in a 2 year Grundtvig LLP project for adult learners concerning the raising of standards in basic skills, motivation and pedagogy.


JPE provide tailor-made learning packages to suit individuals’ needs is imperative, whether that is learning English as a second language, overcoming dyslexia, or a refresher course to help stay ahead of the game – JPE will create the best route for you!



JPE is looking for adults who have overcome learning difficulties to join us at a free workshop at one of our tuition centres. We would like to know how you successfully overcame the learning obstacles that you faced and to use your story as a case study to help other learners.


For those willing to take part, we will be holding a series of workshops at our tuition centres where you will be asked about your learning experiences and given advice on how to further your skills. Our findings will be published on the JPE website and and sent out to both local and national media. Our aim is to give those who struggle in the classroom the advice to overcome these issues themselves and to start to enjoy the learning experience!


If you are interested please do not hesitate to call JPE on:

 01895 847 135


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