The dangers of dying your hair at home!
18th August 2016
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This is a common story a professional hair colorist hears whenever someone visits their salon asking for their hair to be fixed. There is a whole lot of difference (and dangers) in using “box colors” at home compared to spending that little bit more to have your hair done professionally.  Here are the reasons of why you should go to a professional hair colorist if you want to get your hair done.

"Box Colours" suit everyones hair

 Box colors can be bought by anyone even though people have different types of hair. A certain type of hair needs a certain formula to achieve the color that they want and getting the services of professional hair colorist can definitely give you the suitable formula for your hair type. Just because that box color looks good on your friend, it doesn’t mean that it will also look good on you.

Professional application of hair color is still your best bet

Salon hair colorists can see your hair in all angles thus enabling them to apply the color evenly which you will not be able to do. It’s not as simple as simply applying the color all over hair and you’re good to go. There really is method to the madness! 

You’ll end up getting damaged hair

When you use box colors, you will notice that after you have dyed your hair, your hair feels dry; similar to straw. Without proper knowledge, our hair gets more damaged as we use box colors for a long time. There are rules on where you should put the hair color to avoid damaging your hair and your professional hair colorist know exactly where.

Cutting your hair might be your last resort

 When your hair gets irreversibly damaged due to box colors and you want to make it look great again, the most feasible step for you is to have an unwanted haircut. It might not be your original plan but refusing to get the services of hair professional will lead you into this.

It will cost you more

When your hair gets damaged and you take it to a salon for them to fix, it will definitely cost you more as the salon will not only fix the color of your hair but also its health which will require more hours, labor and products.

If you’re thinking of having your hair dyed, it’s better to leave it in the hands of the professionals like the Xpressions Hair and Beauty LTD. You will definitely get the best hair you’re looking for as they specialises in making our hair gorgeous for years now so you can be sure that you’re in good hands.


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