STOP HS2 for Hillingdon
25th June 2011
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As you are probably aware by the numerous posters and banners being placed around the Hillingdon Borough, the discussions on the HS2 Speed Rail Link have well and truly begun.


STOP HS2 has been created in opposition to the High Speed Rail Link due to the business cause, the environmental cause and the money to pay for it amongst other factors.


High Speed 2 has been set up in aim to consider a High speed rail link from London to Scotland. The company has been established by the British Government. There have been many debates over the impact it will have on the areas it proposes to pass through, the economic strain and of course the environment.


The construction if approved could begin as soon as 2017


Hillingdon Borough residents and businesses have been concerned because the proposed line would pass right through parts of the Borough and beyond with catastrophic consequences!!


STOP HS2 has been created as a voice for those who could be affected by the proposed build.  


See for regular updates and information on the proposed build. There has already been meetings in the area to inform residents and businesses about HS2 and the effects. Further meetings and information can be found on their website.


What are you views on HS2, we would love to hear your views on this controversial subject

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