Hillingdon's cleaner environment scheme
31st August 2010
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Cleaner environment in Hillingdon

Over the summer term several schemes have taken place to make Children from primary schools aware of the impact of rubbish and pollution on the Borough.

The Junior Environmental Teams (JETs) was a great success over the summer last year, which is run by the council, which aims to cover topics such as local environment quality and waste and recycling.

The idea of JETs is to encourage children to see what they can do to help the environment in their local area. It also concentrates on the schools and what they are doing to recycle their waste and come up with ideas of how they can make changes to increase their recycling.

By the end of the summer term an estimated 2,000 students would have taken part in the programme.

Else where in the borough resurfacing work has continued to take priority with £2.4m being spent on repairing and resurfacing Hillingdon's roads that were damaged from the snow and ice in the winter.

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