Pro Fiber L'oreal conditioning treatment, now available at Xpressions
5th February 2016
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Fed up of having to chop off your dead hair? Yes?

Look no further, Xpressions Hair & Beauty are now offering the well received Pro Fiber L'oreal conditioning treatment in their salon. Whether your hair is slightly damaged or heavily damaged, Xpressions Hair & Beauty have the solution for you.

The brand new and exciting technology of Pro Fiber L'oreal is able to work into your hair fibre inside and out. 
The fantastic and effective ingredient of Aminosilane provides your hair with a reinforced hair structure, whilst effectively filling in any holes in your hair strands that have resulted from damage. Whilst cationic polymers will leave your hair with a smooth and sleek feel whilst providing a protective cover to your hairs surface.

Your exciting journey to healthy and shiny hair will begin in the Xpressions Hair & Beauty salon; The first step will involve a free consultation with your dedicated hairdresser who will analyse the damage of your hair and find the perfect Pro Fiber conditioning treatment for you, with three ranges available for different stages of damage there will certainly be the perfect solution suitable for you.
The next step to your revived hair will involve your hair being freshly washed and the treatment suitable to you being applied to your damaged hair with a effective masque gently massaged into your hair and left for five minutes. Finally, once your treatment is washed out and your hair nicely dried you will be left with fresh, soft and healthy hair. Your journey to healthy hair will not end there, you will also be given a full range of products for personal use at home over the next 6 hair changing weeks.

For more information on the Pro Fiber L'oreal conditioning treatment please contact Xpressions here.

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