Don’t hide your grey hair anymore!
3rd June 2016
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Grey hair has been accused of being the new blonde for 2016!

In order to go grey your hairdresser must pre-lighten your hair to a clean white blonde and then tone with a personalised grey colour. When dying your hair grey, it is important to match the colour to your eye and skin complexion:

Dark eyes and skin – This complexion best suits darker roots, therefore ensure your hairdresser doesn’t create a light grey colour at the root. This will also hide the re-growth of your hair a lot better.

Blue eyes and pale skin – If you have this type of complexion, you would best suit lighter grey roots. This, again, will cover the re-growth of your hair very well.

Many celebrities are embracing the grey or silver hair look, including: Jade from Little Mix, Diane Keaton and Nicole Ritchie. Therefore, there is the opportunity for you to embrace the grey haired image too! The grey or silver hair look is not just for the “younger” generation either, older celebrities have been known to embrace the look also! This means instead of hiding their grey roots, they are just embracing the look and making the most of the grey haired trend!

If you fancy embracing the grey or silver haired look, contact Angie at Xpressions Hair and Beauty in Hillingdon! 

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