Body scanners to be introduced to Heathrow
7th January 2010
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Body Scanners to be introduced to Heathrow


All British airports will be enhancing their security measures following further attempted terrorist attacks.

The full body scanners are already being used in the states at random and have been successful with further detection.

Heathrow is expected to use the machines within the next few weeks and also using more sniffer dogs and training staff further to detect unusual behaviour in passengers.

One problem has been risen by Child activists stating it would be against revealing images of Children because of child pornography causing the system to be illegal. As the scanners have not been used fully yet there have been no conclusions on how they will be used.

The main aim to use the body scanners would be when metal is detected on a person and after a search the detectors still continue to go off. Unusual shapes attached to a person (ie liquid) would also be more likely to be seen.


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