Yangsheng School of Tai Chi & Qigong
Yangsheng School of Tai Chi & Qigong
  • High Wycombe
    Hilltop Community Centre
    Crest Road
    HP11 1UA
The Yin and Yang symbol has a great meaning and was first referred to in the 4th Century BC and is mentioned in the ancient Book of Changes. The symbol and the small dots indicate that there can never be Yin without Yang and never Yang without Yin. It is the notion of complimentary opposites and is an all-encompassing constant process of change in our natural environment such as day and night, summer and winter, hard and soft, open and closed etc. When applied to Tai Chi we apply opposites so that they flow from one to another and are in complete balance. In Tai Chi walking we transfer weight from one leg to another in a slow and controlled way, when our movement is closed this is Yin when energy is stored, and when open it is Yang and the energy is released. Even the sides of our body can be described as either Yin or Yang. So there is a constant interchange of Yin and Yang in our movements when practising Tai Chi.
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