Xcelerate Fitness - Personal Training High Wycombe
Xcelerate Fitness - Personal Training High Wycombe
  • 19 Hillside Rd, Penn
    HP10 8JJ
presentingImagine, waking up with that spring back in your step, going to the mirror daily still shocked as the reflection reveals the body you always dreamt of, tackling the day satisfied and full of gratefulness, desire, purpose and in love with the feeling of control and mental discipline you have developed so you truly are the commander of your own direction Empowering right? A pipe dream for many, but a reality and cherished endeavour among our close-knit group of ‘Xcelerators’. 3-peaksOver our many successful years in the industry we’d like to think we know a thing or two about what it takes to get people from A to B. After all, we pride ourselves on having the biggest collection of before and after’s in Bucks and being the best informed body transformation experts in the area, investing thousands of pounds each and every year, learning from the best in their fields just to give our ‘Xcelerator's the most up to date and scientifically researched information on both nutrition and exercise to move them forwards. And sure exercise and nutrition are hugely important factors when it comes to change, but when we are talking about true transformation we are talking about a whole lot more than how many reps you can bench press, how many intervals you can complete on a treadmill or how much broccoli and chicken you can consume ad nauseum!
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