Meet the Member - Elliot Manarin
1st May 2015
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For this next Meet the Member we will be focusing on Elliot Manarin one of the directors from Ghost Media.


To start – can you give us a little background on yourself and your company.

My name is Elliot and I am one of the Directors at Ghost Media Ltd. I decided university wasnt for me (after being accepted to all of my chosen units to study Economics) so I got straight into a big company and worked my way up. Firstly learning project management and the workings of audio studio management before taking up a more technical role. I trained as an AVID (broadcast standard editing system) video editor and worked for 9 years as camera man, producer and editor at Pearson (more familiar imprints are Prentice Hall, Penguin, Financial Times, Heinemann..)

Can you provide me with a description of your business?

At Ghost Media our specialty is video production with an emphasis on creating films to be distributed for broadcast and via online platforms like Netflix, Amazon.  We also provide video production services for companies looking to use  video to enhance their business be it through animated product explainer videos, company promos, right through to music videos.

How long have you been in business? In this business? In other businesses?

Ghost is a fairly new enterprise and has been running nearly two years now. However, I  have been in the media industry for 9 years. I have also been doing photography for a number of years and have sold prints of landscapes, wildlife and urban environments to people from local areas to Hollywood.

How did you get started in this business?

Myself and the other Director at Ghost, Dean Mohr, met through a mutual friend. We both worked in media and adverting and shared many similar goals, mainly in the form of film making. We decided to pool together firstly to run a photography agency looking to create fine art photography and work on conceptual ideas. We were then able to show people the power of video and slowly started to invest more time and resources into that side of the business.

What you consider your biggest achievement so far?

The biggest achievement so far for Ghost, would be one of the most recent projects,  The Hertford Childrens Book festival’  It was a pretty big project which included 7 straight days of filming. The pre-production took about  two and a half months which meant the actual filming, and therefore the editing went very smoothly.

Could you describe one of your typical workdays for me?

Typical isn’t a word we use often at Ghost. One day we can be editing a corporate promo, the very next day we are out on location, scouting and blocking through camera moves for a film, it really is so varied.

What parts of your job do you find most challenging? 

Like most people, our greatest enemy is time. We just don’t have enough of it and fitting everything in and keeping everyone happy is a massive challenge. One issue is that generally people don’t understand or appreciate how long things take to do in the world of video. The way we like to handle this is just to be honest and realistic, we  tell our clients it’s going to take time and they are always happy when they see the quality!

What do find most enjoyable? 

The range of creativity. For instance I love working with the camera, being hands on and telling stories, creating lovely images but I also love coming up with new stories and concepts. It’s great to work with other people who have the same spark. We are all individual and see the world in a different way and this means our ideas can be completely different and that individuality coupled with our way of collaborative working means we can create some really cool stuff.

Whom do you seek advice from for your business?  Who has been the biggest influence in your work like?

We generally ask each other for advice. We are all really honest with each other and value each others opinions because of the wealth of experience we all bring to the table. For other instances we consult google.  Forums are a great way to work out solutions to issues as is youtube, there is so much knowledge and experience out there its silly not to use it.

The biggest influence on my work life? As narcissistic as it may sound but I would say myself. The reason is that over the years Ive made mistakes and I have learnt so much from these mistakes.  I guess I was quite stubborn and maybe too casual in my early career and its not until youre in hot water you can actually understand the consequences of ignoring sage advice.

Does your business have a stated mission statement?  If so, what is it?

No not really, we are all about being personable and focus on quality and individuality. Its why customers come and stay with us.

Do you have employees? How many?

Whilst our central team is fairly small, we work with a number of trusted partners & freelancers Including Animators, Sound Recordists, Script Writers, storyboard artists, equipment operators & additional camera crew. On some shoots we employ up to 20 people.

What do you do for fun?

Music and sport play a big part of my life, I’m a drummer in a band and also play guitar and bass. I play a lot of sport like squash and football. I also really love snowboarding, one day I’ll eventually get to Canada!

I also do a lot of work with birds of prey, mainly rearing and training. I’ve given talks at schools and other corporate events on Birds of prey and conservation. I currently have a 2 and half year old Eurasian Eagle owl and I’m doing a lot of training with a new recruit, Loki the Raven.

To conclude – tell us about you in 140 characters or less…

Lover of the arts, nature, fine wine and ale. When it comes to music, photography, film we can talk for hours. I do not believe in panicking.


For more information on Ghost Media call: 07913 552513 or email:

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