Does your business need video? Part 2
27th November 2014
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I’m sure you have all heard of Old Spice? I remember this product as a pungent, bottled odor that my dad kept in the bathroom cabinet. Like this red bottle in our cabinet, Old Spice as a product and more importantly as a brand had become stale. Do you remember the recent commercial involving a super cool dude ending up on a horse? Well off the back of that commercial Old Spice was reborn. After 42 million views on YouTube alone the company increased sales by 107% and it’s really no surprise. YouTube is the internets second most used search engine behind…. Google of course. Now, guess who owns YouTube? 

Google trawls through so much data and sites which include video, loaded with juicy metadata and tags are picked up more often by google which in turns gives more exposure to your site.

Another added benefit of getting your video into YouTube is that YouTube has big robust servers just waiting to store your material leaving you without the hassle of shelling out for server storage.

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