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1st August 2016
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I am often during lessons saying about driving at an appropriate speed and as a consequence get back the question “what is an appropriate speed?” and “will I be assessed on this on my driving test?”

The answer to the first question is there is no set definition as far as I am aware, but what we generally mean is driving within the speed limit but adjusting your speed according to the road, traffic & weather conditions. The answer to the second question is yes.

To give a couple of examples you could be driving through a 30 mph area on a Saturday morning its busy, lots of people about and potentially close to the car, so a sensible speed could be 10 or 15mph. The same street on Sunday afternoon could be very quiet and it’s now safe to drive at 30mph. You could be on a national speed limit dual carriageway it’s a fine day and not much traffic so its safe to do 70mph. The same road the following day and its pouring of rain, lots of traffic causing heavy spray reducing visability and stopping distances increased to more than double, a safe speed now may well be 40 or 50 mph.

The important thing is that you the driver has to decide what is the appropriate speed taking into account all of the above and that speed limits are not a target to be achieved whatever the circumstances.

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