Finding the Right Removal Company.
13th October 2016
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First off, ask family and friends for recommendations, or look at the reviews left by Moovit4u’s previous clients at

Personal recommendations are always a good place to start but if you don't have any recommended companies or would like to get a range of different quotes, then turn to the internet where you will be able to search for different local companies.

Once you’ve got a list of different companies, have a look at their websites and see if you like the look of them then get in contact with each company. When you speak to the company here are a list of questions that you should be asking them:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Have they got references from previous work?
  • Does the quote include VAT or not?
  • Is insurance included to cover your possessions while they are in the company’s care?
  • Are possessions packed yourself covered by the insurance or is it only ones packed by the removal company insured?
  • Does the company offer a service of packing up your house for you, do they offer to dismantle furniture etc or will you have to do everything and they just move to the van and unload the other end?

When you’ve got your quotes, don’t assume that the cheapest is best. Look at what service you should be getting and take the reputation of the company into account.

Deciding whether you really want to pay a company to pack up your whole house can be a little daunting – they are your possessions and you want to ensure they are packed correctly. In reality, having a company do it all for you can be much easier with much less hassle and stress.

When it comes to hiring a removals company, make sure you allow plenty of time so that you can book them at least 2 weeks before your move date and get at least 3 quotes before settling on one company. It may be more convenient for you to move at the weekend but it could work out much cheaper to move during the week.

So if you’re in need of a highly reputable removals company in the Herefordshire area, get in contact with Colin at Moovit4u. His team can do as much or as little of the removals process as you would like, from a full, part or no packing as well as being able to dismantle your furniture and reassemble it in your new house.

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