5th November 2008
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Having read the recent reports about Gillotts School in the Henley Standard I became so angry that I have decided to blog about it and start a campaign to help get it rebuilt. Head of Governors, Nick Walden and Head Teacher, Catharine Darnton, are absolutely right in condemning most of the buildings. It is an utter disgrace that because the school is so successful that they might not be able to get funding for a rebuild that is so desperately needed.

All three of our sons have attended or are attending Gillotts and they are always saying how poor the buildings are. They are often too hot or too cold or damp. Surely there is a health and safety issue here. It is clear that make do and mend will no longer suffice at Gillotts and the whole school needs knocking down and rebuilding. With Henley College thinking of doing something similar could there not be an opportunity to work together. It would be great to have both rebuilt with modern facilities to match the great achievements of the pupils and teaching staff. It is hard enough for Gillotts and the college to attract teachers to one of the most expensive areas to live, let alone have crappy classrooms to teach in. Maybe they could also build some accommodation for young teachers to help in the recruitment process.

What do you think? Who can we lobby to help get Gillotts rebuilt? Please leave your comments below.

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