What does an Accountant do?
18th August 2016
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An Accountant also do administrative work such as file, sort, report and store documents that are needed for their work. They also function as their client's financial representative when talking to other companies, individual or non- profit organizations. When employed by a certain business/company, an accountant has a lot of shoes to fill as part of their roles in a firm.

Financial Management

Every business runs on their financial structure which is being monitored and maintained by an accountant. Financial data is crucial for business operations and the accountant should make sure that their records are in accordance with the law, policies and economic procedures. It is also their duty to make sure that their financial data has a system where they can easily observe its movements thus giving them the needed data to work on their business.

Financial Statements

It’s the accountant’s job to arrange the monthly and yearly financial statements of a company for a report. This data is needed for future planning and forecasting the company’s financial status for the next few years. Also, the reports produced by the accountants is required by the business’ executives so they can plan ahead whether to expand or prepare for any drawbacks their company might experience based on their financial trend.

External affiliations

Accountants are the people who communicates with government personnel monitoring the company’s financial activity. If a business decides to get the services of a public accountant, the company’s accountant is the one who will work directly with him to provide then needed documents and data to carry out the tasks.

Deadline monitoring

Accoutants are responsible for making sure financial reports and documents are filed and submitted on time whether to other firms or within their own business. Tax inferences should be filed on time to avoid penalties while the quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports should be prepared on time to have an updated information and compliant to its deadline. They usually work with the auditing team to work on the financial data available within the business.

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