What an accountant can do for you
14th January 2015
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Hiring an accountant can be a big decision but there are numerous things that an accountant can do for you that will befit you whether as an individual or as a business owner.

  1. Correctly filling in tax forms. This can be a major headache (sometimes I wonder if they are written in English!) but an accountant knows exactly what it all means and how to fill it all in correctly and will ensure that they are filled in and returned on time.
  2. Help to minimise the amount of tax you end up paying. An accountant will know all the laws on tax and accounting so they will know how to fill in the forms so you (legally) pay the least tax possible. If something can be deducted or put through in a different way then they will do so. The end result is that you pay less tax and they have actually saved you enough to cover their fees!
  3. They will help you plan for tax.  By giving advice throughout the year, an accountant will constantly be on hand to see that your business is the most tax savvy it can be!
  4. Not only can an accountant help with your business but they can also offer personal financial advice that will help you save money as well as your business.
  5. If growing your business is what you want then you should definitely be seeking the services of an accountant as they will be able to help you decide on the best financial decisions that will really help you expanding business.
  6. Accountants are also good for helping plan and budget and with other things such as overdrafts, loans, grants and hire purchase etc so before you commit to anything, check with your accountant and get another perspective on what you are thinking of doing.

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