How does an accountant help a start up business?
9th November 2016
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Starting from the bottom

For your business to flourish in the coming years, it has to have a strong foundation where it can stand on its own. An accountant can help in laying out these foundations to have your business started. Accountants can help by advising you which type of business structure would be best for you such as partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, etc. depending on your situation. They will then proceed to analyse your financial status based on your business plan and give you tips and advices on how you can establish your business right. Accounting software varies depending on the need of your business and an accountant can help you determine which one is the best for you and your business.

Accountants also assist in making sure that you’re complying to government policies and requirements to minimise any conflict once the business is already up and running. Another good point of having an accountant is you’ll be able to track your expenses better so you will be able to see if your business is actually earning or you’re just using up all of your capital.

Keeping the momentum

Once your business has taken off, there are still a lot of things that you need to take care of and need to be on top of. This includes understanding your financial statements so you’ll be able to learn all sides of business managing. These financial statements can be explained to you by your accountant and he or she will also help you in keeping the payroll system up to date once you start to have employees or individual contractors under your business. At the end of the year, your accountant will prepare a consolidated report of the whole year’s financial reports as well as submit taxes and all the needed documents that the IRS will be needing. This way, you’ll get to focus more on running your business on its early years as these are the most crucial part of your business.

Having a start-up business is never easy that’s why we need a professional service of an accountant to make sure that the financial status of our business is in good health and be able to cure it once it started to go down. To get the best and the most reliable accountant fry your business, call Johal & Company Chartered Certified Accountants for your accounting needs. Their professional accountants will give you the service that you need to have your business succeed even on its early stages.

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