Business Owners in Havering Looking for Accountancy Advice Look No Further.
16th March 2017
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However, with the right help business owner/operators can concentrate on doing what they do best: making, mending, selling, and all of those many disciplines that make our local economy tick.

Because administering a business is becoming so much more complicated and risks taking gifted entrepreneurs away from the front-end of their business it makes good sense, and it is more cost effective, to outsource at least some of the work.

Johal and Company Chartered Certified Accountancy Practice has been in business for well over 35 years during which they have gained a fine reputation for excellent service and attention to their clients’ needs. Located in central Hornchurch the Company is easily accessible and welcoming to new clients. Johal and Company holds the ACCA Quality Checked Mark which underlines their professional standing as it “is awarded only to firms that meet their set standards of excellence”.

What can Johal and Company do for you?

Bookkeeping, the tedious business of maintaining records,

VAT documentation, returns and compliance with the rules including ensuring payments are made on time,

Accounting, completion of annual accounts,

Tax, with new tax regimes having professional guidance is essential, submission of returns, compliance with new legislation and ‘on time’ payment of tax that is due.


Payroll, administration of payroll is an important matter that can draw managers away from more important matters,

Work place pensions advice and implementation,

New business start-ups, registering for vat, applications to Companies House etc.,

Corporate Finance, professional help and administration at the end of a telephone,

Company Statutory Record keeping, proper record keeping and presentation is very necessary,

Enquiries and Investigations by professionals,

Research and Development claims.

Johal and Company pride themselves on being wholly client focused, with the determination to tailor make services to suit each individual client’s requirements. Having been of service to many individuals and businesses across a variety of disciplines they have vast experience that can be utilised by the business community. Whether businesses are sole trader, SME’S, limited companies, or corporate entities Johal and Company are happy to help. Accordingly, the Company offers a comprehensive package to suit any individual or business. They can assist in all accounting and tax areas, or help reduce the pressure of VAT, payroll and CIS returns.

Johal and Company Chartered Certified Accountants are highly recommended by The Best of The Best of Havering showcasing and promoting the most trusted local businesses in support of the community.

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