Ketton Review
Ketton Review
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The Ketton Review is put together by the Kedington Community Association who are at the centre of the village.

Want to know more about the events happening in Kedington? Perhaps you are looking to take up a new hobby such as walking and are looking for a local club to join? 

The Ketton Review is released on a quarterly basis and is packed full of interesting information about the locally loved village. It includes articles on Kedington Library, transport links from Kedington to neighbouring towns and the Church.

It is the place to turn to if you want to discover any upcoming events, or are looking for a new group, club or association to join.

The Ketton Review can also be used for advertising purposes. Local businesses can pay to have a feature in the Review for their business or to promote an event. Choose from a full, half or quater of a page, which ever you desire.

All articles and event information can be sent by email to:

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