What is a Conveyancing Solicitor
6th February 2017
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This is their first and foremost biggest responsibility. All of the needed legal documents needed in on transfer of ownership must be prepared by the conveying solicitor. It doesn’t matter whether their client is the one selling or buying the property. His utmost concern is preparing the documents and make sure that everything stipulated in the documents are accurate and up to date.

Legal advice

The conveying solicitor will give you the legal advice needed for you to get the best deal out of your property selling or purchase. If there are certain conditions that need to be met by your buyer or seller, the solicitor will be able to give you legal advice on whether those conditions will be beneficial for you. The Contract of Sale, since prepared or checked by the solicitor, will be explained thoroughly and the important points that needs additional attention will be settled as well.


Once the sale of the property is finalised, the solicitor can now go ahead to coordinate the agreed time of settlement to fully close the deal. He or she will serve as the coordinator to decide on which time it is most convenient both for the buyer and the seller. On the buyer’s part, the solicitor can also contact your bank to make sure that your funds in purchasing the property is ready and ready for release once the sale has concluded.

In summary, a conveying solicitor will help you in selling or buying your property as they will make sure that everything is legally processed. If you’re in need of a conveying solicitor, Adam Harrison’s services is always ready to assist you. Adam Harrison is one the best conveying solicitor and you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

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