Mindfulness Walks
5th October 2018
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Our monthly Mindfulness Walks are free to attend and everyone is welcome.

Our next walk is on Tuesday 9th October

We meet in Alexander Park at the Cafe and we have a delightful stroll around the park for roughly an hour. Everyone enjoys a bit of a natter and we stop every now and then to practice some Mindfulness letting the beauty of nature refresh and rejuvenate us. If the weather allows, we sometimes pick a lovely spot and practice a quick and easy form of seated meditation. We have experimented with a 'letting go' meditation, practised gratitude and even celebrated a little Birthday meditation on one occasion. After the walk, everyone is welcome to chat some more over a cuppa at the Cafe. People who join us have commented that they have enjoyed connecting with like-minded people and made new friendships. Their mood is lifted and they really appreciate the fresh air and gentle exercise it gives them.

The walks give everyone the opportunity to experience the calming effect of Mindfulness practice. It is a basic introduction and a wonderful way to begin to learn the art of relaxation and just goes to show that this form of meditation can be done quite easily and quickly without the need to find yourself a quiet place or even that much time. The group is very friendly and welcoming and we all have a fabulous time. Dogs and children are welcome to join us but please bear in mind that the walks are slow and, on the whole, quiet, so lively dogs an children might find them a little bit tedious........any questions, please ask ......Nadine x"

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