How your Staff can be thebest at Serving your Customers well?
19th July 2017
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In any service sector business, the people facing your customers can make or break a business. Personnel that have anything to do with your customers, plus support staff, are influential to the extent that customer service is seen as a positive experience, or not, as the case may be!

In addition, any professional business manager or operator will want to know what is required to lift the team's abilities to a higher level and how better to do that than through feedback, ideally from an objective outside source?

So how can we achieve effective feedback?... Ask the Professionals…

Shopper Anonymous is the UK’s largest customer feedback organisation. Since the company started in 1998, they have collected data through feedback on some of the largest businesses in the UK providing accurate and impartial information.

The expression ‘Mystery Shopper’ has been around for many years but not at this level. Shopper Anonymous, in Hastings and Sussex in general, is working hard to improve service levels in many local organisations including The De La Warr Pavilion and Knockhatch Adventure Park, amongst many others... 

Such is the level of value placed upon objective feedback by leading organisations who value their staff enough to evaluate their performance so that training, and incentives, may be focussed in the most appropriate way.

Local Regional Director of Shopper Anonymous, Paul Matthews, is always on hand to help explain the feedback reports and offer additional help when it’s required.

Thebestof Hastings members are all entitled to One Free visit by a Shopper Anonymous Mystery Shopper, a taster to establish how Paul can help you.

Shopper Anonymous customers say;

The reports are detailed enough that they are able to stand in the shoes of the customer, giving an external view from the customer's point of view.

Their reports are guaranteed both in terms of speed and quality, if remedial action is required, or a pat on the back for exceptional service, there is no time to lose.

All mystery shoppers are individually trained and assessed on each visit carried out to ensure their own quality assurance,

Their reports are client specific,

Their benchmarking tools are spot-on giving them superb accuracy.

Services offered by Shopper Anonymous include:

Mystery Shopper visits,

Customer and Staff Online Surveys,

Focus Groups,

Team Training,

One to One Mentoring.

See your own business as your customers see it. Step back and have an objective assessment. Business is too important to assume that all is well.

Shopper Anonymous provides the opportunity to be certain and accordingly is a thoroughly cost effective service.

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