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9th September 2019
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We all know the huge benefits of email. It’s quick, and it costs next to nothing. We also know, however, how hard it is to get a decent response rate to an email campaign.

But sending out direct mail in the post is more powerful than ever before. As long as it’s done properly!

Just think about how your email inbox is constantly being bombarded with all sorts of pointless messages. And how nice it is when you receive something real in the post. Especially when it looks personal and intriguing. It’s going to make you open it, read it.

And that’s the whole point.

Because your audience feels exactly the same.

If you want them to read something important, like a quote they’ve requested, a sales letter about a particular service or product or event, a new amazing offer or maybe you want to try and generate a meeting, then a stand-out piece of direct mail just might be THE thing that gets you some responses.

So here’s some quick pointers on making your piece stand out and, more importantly, getting read…

Envelopes: Use coloured envelopes. Nothing says “possible bill or junk” than a plain white envelope. If you want people to READ what you send them, they need to open your envelope with excitement and curiosity. So make it STAND OUT! The brighter the colour, the better.

The STAMP: Who sends post that’s been pre-paid or franked? BORING BUSINESSES. Who sends post with a stamp? REAL LIFE PEOPLE

The Address: Hand write it. You can even get hand written style fonts if you’re doing a really big direct mail campaign and need to print onto the envelops.

Rubber Stamps: Using intriguing phrases that looked stamped on will create urgency e.g. TOP SECRET,   TIME SENSITIVE!!,   PLEASE OPEN ME 😊

Add a Lump: Check out for ideas of small items you can put in the envelope to really make it stand out and memorable. Even a Kit-Kat with a simple post-it note with “Hi <name>, Take a break on me and give this a read…” written on it will make most people take action.

Give it a go and see what happens and if you want some help with how to make this work properly, just give us a call.

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