10 top tips for preparing for the end of Brexit
15th September 2020
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  1. Audit your workforce – you will need to check if you have reliable data on which of your employees are EEA (European Economic Area) employees working in the UK or which UK employees you have working in the EEA
  2. Update your records – you should have the following details for each employee:  nationality (including dual), location, job role, start date with your organisation (for both in the UK or in the EEA), contact details and length of residence in the UK/EEA
  3. Identify your staff – who may be affected by the change in immigration rules, who might be eligible for ‘settled status’ (those who have lived in the UK for over 5 years)
  4. Look at the costs – in order to help employees continue with their jobs, look at the cost of any immigration assistance they might need
  5. Communicate – make sure you let all impacted employees know what is happening and what you are doing
  6. Check the rules – if you have employees who need to travel frequently, make sure you check the rules for business visitors across each EEA country
  7. The five year rule – if you have any employees who have been resident in the UK for less than five years they can apply for ‘pre-settled’ status which will become ‘settled’ status once they have lived here for five years – do note however that if they leave the UK for six months in a 12 month period they will loose the pre-settled status
  8. Right to work checks – Until 31st June 2021 employers can continue to confirm an EEA national's right to work on the basis of their EEA or Swiss passport or national identity card
  9. Check online – You can check the status of any EEA employees via the online portal: https://www.gov.uk/view-right-to-work
  10. Future employees – there is guidance available on employing EEA individual in the future via https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-points-based-immigration-system-employer-information/the-uks-points-based-immigration-system-an-introduction-for-employers
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