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Bexhill Chamber of Commerce

  • TN40 9HW
An easy-going group of business professionals who share experiences, aspirations and goals, whatever business sector they are in.
The Chamber offers more than just opportunities to network. We are successful in:
• securing funding for investment in the town
working with members to help them deliver on their projects
• lobbying District and County Councils on issues from parking to budget cuts
• presenting the views of our members to local Government organisations and other Chambers
• launching and running events and attractions for locals and tourists.
Find out more at www.bexhillchamber.co.uk
Why not join us?
The Chamber welcomes local businesses of all sectors and sizes, as well as those located elsewhere who wish to do business in Bexhill. Come along as a visitor to a breakfast meeting or a lively evening event - they're great for business networking, advice, supporting regeneration projects... and fun! Contact us on bexhillchamber@mail.co.uk www.bexhilllchamber.co.uk.