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I recommend unreservedly Vinay Patel as a 1st class personal trainer. He is professional, knowledgeable and a very confident and committed young man. I've had personal trainers for 10 years and although I've worked with Vin only since July (6 months) his standards of professionalism are 1st class.
Vinay is a fantastic trainer! Very knowledgeable and motivating. He listens to your goals and helps you achieve them. I have finished 3 months of training with him and I feel more confident that I can continue training at the same intensity after I move abroad! Thanks!
Would absolutely recommend fitness with Vin. Great motivator, fun and friendly trainer.
Vinay is a great instructor and has a vast knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I would recommend him to others.
I am 22 years old and I have been training with Vinay for a year now. I never thought I would enjoy having a personal trainer but Vinay has motivated me to get fit and into shape. My fitness levels have improved and my body shape has changed. He has made fitness a part of my weekly routine and has helped me change my diet to be healthier. My fitness programme is easy to follow well structured with exercises that are getting more noticeable results.
I have been working on my fitness with Vin for four months. In that time, my fitness has improved significantly and I have made great progress in reducing my weight and body fat levels. Vin has prepared programmes which were structured around my capability and were successful at building my strength and helping me shed body fat. He designs workouts so no two workouts are the same which means the sessions don't become boring and he is supportive and full of good advice. I happily recommend to anyone thinking of having a personal trainer.
Vinay is a great motivator, he keeps my workouts exciting and mixes them up every session. He goes beyond his duty by finding out info and passing it on via text, emails etc. I always feel encouraged after training with him and love his passion and enthusiasm. It's also nice to know he takes such an interest in his clients in and out of the gym.
Vinay has proven to be an extremely enthusiastic personal trainer. He varied each session and made me work to the ultimate limit. For a young person he is very knowledgeable in all aspects.
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