Surge of Beekeepers in Essex Beekeeping Association Harlow Division
2nd November 2010
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There has been a surge of interest in beekeeping at the Harlow Division of the Essex Beekeeping Association in the past two years. Membership numbers have increased from 28 to 50. This is partly as a result of the widespread media interest in beekeeping generally and loss of bees through varroa and other diseases both in this country and in the USA.

Some of this increase is down to a new beekeeping website and an advertisement on The Best of Harlow website. This in conjunction with the excellent beginners course that the Harlow Division of the Essex Beekeeping Association ran last year and the one that is planned for the coming year has all combined to increase our membership.

We have found that local Harlow residents are keenly interested in the environment, locally grown food, minimising food miles and are very aware of factors affecting bees and beekeepers. Some are smallholders, some aspire to beekeeping professionally whilst the majority just want to keep one or two bee hives in their back garden or in their allotment.

Sales of honey,wax, mead, fudge and cakes all bring welcome extra income. There is talk of setting up an association aipery which will allow beginners to see and handle bees before aquiring their own colony or colonies. 

If you have often thought it would be nice to keep bees there would be no better place to start than to join your local beekeeping association where you could learn about the hobby before fully committing to keeping your own bees. I would be happy to take your call and introduce you to the Harlow Division of the Essex Beekeeping Association if you are interested. Tel: 07768 608137 and ask for Lou.

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